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The National Digital Arts Awards (NDAA), launched by Globaltronics Inc in conjunction with its 10th year anniversary, is an advocacy that aims to highlight the skills and talents of young digital artists in the Philippines. The NDAA seeks not only to recognize the talents of the artists but also to showcase the capabilities of the local digital art community. Globaltronics sees the potential of homegrown artists and the company believes that given the chance, Filipino talent can excel globally. As a company that specializes in digital out of home (DOOH) advertising, Globaltronics acknowledges the role that digital arts play in the development of the nation. It believes that a higher standard in art and ideas is important in the economic and artistic rise of society. Globaltronics invites everyone from digital artists and enthusiasts to advertisers and designers to take part in a campaign that celebrates the beauty of art and highlights a country thatís taking shape.






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NDAA Campus Caravan

06-25-14 Technological University of the Philippines 06-28-14 iAcademy 07-02-14 Central Colleges of the Philippines 07-02-14 EARIST 07-04-14 De La Salle University - Ad Create Society 07-10-14 University of Manila 07-22-14 MAPUA Institute of Technology 07-23-14 University of Makati 07-25-14 Colegio de San Juan Letran 08-02-14 Asia Pacific College 08-08-14 De La Salle University - Ad Create Society 08-12-14 University of the East 08-14-14 Centro Escolar University 08-15-14 Centro Escolar University 08-22-14 Informatics 08-23-14 Adamson University


  1. Where can we download the mechanics? The official mechanics for this yearís National Digital Arts Awards is available for download at our website:
  2. Where do we send our entries? All contestants should send their entries at our website:
  3. Will there be provided concepts or themes like that of last yearís National Digital Arts Awards? There will be no constraining theme for this year since we would like to see how participants can show and integrate the idea and concept of "change" in their works.
  4. Are there any fees or charges for joining the National Digital Arts Awards? The National Digital Arts Awards is open for everyone and we will never charge anyone for sharing their talents with us.
  5. Can I use stock photos/music/etc for my work? Contestants are allowed to use stock files for their works provided that the user is aware of the copyright status of said file (i.e. Free to use), also be sure to ask permission from the owner of the files. We would like to remind everyone that plagiarism and copyright infringement results in automatic disqualification and that the contestant shall have full responsibility for their entries copyright Ė wise.
  6. Will there be any software restrictions like those imposed in National Digital Arts Awards 2013? There will be no restrictions on software choice on this yearís National Digital Arts Awards to give contestants wider artistic freedom.
  7. I graduated from college last March; will I still be grouped in the Studentís category? Since youíve graduated in March this year, youíll be grouped with the Professionals.
  8. Can I use live-action footage/video on my Motion Graphic entry? Yes, youíre allowed to use live footage/video on your entry provided that youíre using your OWN files.
  9. Should I have my Affidavit of Work notarized before I send my entry? All Affidavit and other necessary documents shall be sent along with the contestantís entry.
  10. Is Digital Painting considered viable for the Print category? Yes, Digital Paintings are allowed provided that they still adhere to the requirements necessary for the Print category.
  11. Is there a required orientation for Print entries (ie. Landscape, Portrait)? No, there won't be any restriction with regards to the orientation of your entry.
  12. Can we use, stock photos, snippets of music composed by other artists, or stock photos owned another individual? You can, provided that you can obtain lawful permission from the owner. Please be reminded that the board will not be held liable if a case of plagiarism is brought forth.