Frequently Asked Questions

What is NDAA?

The National Digital Arts Awards or NDAA is an annual awards show that gives recognition to the aspiring Filipino Digital Artist. This was established in 2013, through the advocacy and vision of Globaltronics to provide the Filipino Digital Artists a venue through which they can showcase their work and further hone their craft.


The theme for NDAA 2018 is Driven by Design. Fueled by Passion. The theme focuses on the artist and his/her passions and motivations. The entry must clearly interpret and express the artist’s passion points – whether for digital arts itself or any other aspect of their life from which they draw inspiration.


Digital Artists may choose to join any of the following categories:

  • Digital Art in Print – Still artwork interpretation of the theme
  • Character Design – 2D character artwork interpretation of the theme
  • Animation – Animated movie interpretation of the theme
  • Digital Short Movie – Short movie interpretation of the theme
  • Website User Experience (U/X) – Interpretation of theme through an Immersive website user experience
  • Drone Movie Experience – Drone move interpretation of the theme


The NDAA 2018 is open to Filipino students and professionals 14 years old and above who reside in the Philippines at the time of the competition (September to November 2018).


Participants of mixed nationalities (ex. Fil-Am, etc.) may join the NDAA.


It is the advocacy of the NDAA to promote the aspiring Filipino Digital Artist who would like to further grow his/her craft in the field of digital artistry.
Given this, participation to the NDAA is restricted to Filipinos or half-Filipinos residing in the Philippines at the time of the competition.


The entries of students and professionals will be judged separately.
Prizes for students and professionals are, likewise, separate.


The entries for each category must be submitted in the following format and specification/s:

  • Digital Art in Print – JPEG file submitted in A3 size @ 300dpi resolution, vertical or landscape.
  • Character Design – JPEG file submitted in A3 size @ 300dpi resolution, vertical or landscape.
  • Animation – 1 to 3-minute animated movie submitted in .mp4 format @ 1080p resolution
  • Digital Short Movie – 5 to 10-minute live movie submitted in .mp4 format @ 1080p resolution
  • Website User Experience (U/X) – single-page website submitted as HTML file
  • Drone Movie Experience – 1 to 3-minute movie with 80% drone footage submitted in .mp4 format @ 1080p resolution

Each entry must be submitted along with a write-up of no more than five hundred (500) words that talks about the artist’s inspiration behind the work.

For the Print category, can entries be done by hand, simply be scanned and submitted outright as entries to the NDAA?

No. All artwork submissions must have been created using digital tools.
You may however do your preliminary sketch or draft on paper, then import it into your digital application / software, where you can work on it and finish it up using digital tools.

Is there an entry fee to join the NDAA?

Entry to the NDAA is FREE of charge. Globaltronics has shouldered all the costs associated to one’s participation in the event.

Is the NDAA open only to individual submissions?

Entries to the following categories may be submitted by groups:

  • Animation
  • Digital Short Movie
  • Website User Experience (U/X)
  • Drone Movie Experience

Each group may only be composed of a maximum of four (4) members.
There will be no separate categories for individual or group entries.

How may entries can be submitted by each individual or group?

Artists / Groups can only submit one (1) entry per category.

Can an artist/member join multiple groups?

One member may join another group as long as that new group is composed of at least 50% new members. For instance, for Group 1 which has four members, two of its members can form another 4-man group as long as the other two members are new (50% new). However, three members of Group 1 can’t form another 4-man group cause there would only be one new member (only 25% new). One member of Group 1 can join another new member to form another 2-man team since they would technically have 50% new members. Likewise, a member of Group 1 can also join a new 3-man or 4-man team because he will be the minority in that team’s composition (66%-75% new members).

Can I submit old artworks to the NDAA?

Artists can submit old artworks as long as it is an interpretation of the provided theme and has not been submitted to any other awards program. Commissioned work or work done in fulfillment of a requirement may not be submitted.

Who owns the entries submitted to the NDAA?

By submitting their entries to the NDAA, the participants grant the NDAA (in effect Globaltronics and its representatives) the right to use and reproduce the said entries for the promotion of the NDAA and Globaltronics. Said entries may not be monetized by Globaltronics nor any of its representatives.

All entries submitted remain the property of the artists. Entries that win in their respective categories, however, may no longer be used by the artists as submissions to other awards entities / programs.

How can entries be submitted?

Entries for Digital Art in Print, Character Design, and Website User Experience (U/X) may be submitted via the Entry Form on the event website on
Entries for Animation, Digital Short Movie, and Drone Movie Experience are to be uploaded by the participant onto a video site such as Youtube or Vimeo with settings set to private but accessible to the NDAA committee (access provided to:

The following information must be filled-in completely in the Entry Form:

  • Name of Individual Participant or Group Participant
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail Address
  • Category
  • Entry File (in .jpg or .html) or Video Link
  • Title of Entry
  • Write-up

When is the NDAA Awards Night? Where will it be held?

The NDAA 2018 Awards Night will be held on February 26, 2019 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Jose Rizal Room.

When is the deadline of entries for the NDAA?

Entries may be submitted until January 31, 2019.

Where can we get updates for NDAA 2018?

Information on NDAA 2018 may be found on the event website:

or the event Facebook Page:

How can we get in-touch with the NDAA Secretariat?

Interested participants may send their inquiries through
or through our Facebook Page at: